Fan Art – Wired

Last week I posted a comparison between fan art from 2005 and a newer take on the same character and concept.  Here is the full drawing, with a description to follow.


The character is Ro Rowen from a cartoon called The Zeta Project, which has had a huge influence on my work and my life in general.  The idea for this drawing and the original from 2005 came from an episode in which Ro was kidnapped by a group of super-powered terrorists.  Due to a case of mistaken identity, they believed that Ro had the power to communicate telepathically with machines, and Ro had to keep up the charade until she could escape.  But what if they had been right?  If Ro had actually had such superpowers, she would have certainly become a puppet for this group, who would have succeeded in their mission and would have never allowed her to escape.

There is more Zeta Project fan art to come, and new art in general, as I continue to learn to balance my day job with the work I would love to do full time.  Meanwhile I have started a tip jar at Ko-fi.com, and added a link on the side.  If you would like to help support my work when I get back to a more regular posting schedule, please feel free to make a small donation.  It really helps!



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