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I decided to do Inktober this year, and I’m so far behind on it.  In my defence, it’s because I was working on an awesome commission instead!  I’ll post it when I’m able.

At the recommendation of a friend and thanks to my amazing husband, I now have an iPad Pro which I’ve been working with for the past couple of weeks.  I love it!  I announced when I got it that I might never draw on paper again, and it’s true – I’ve tried sketching on paper just once recently, and gave up when I found myself moving my fingers to try to zoom in!

It’s not really in the spirit of Inktober to use a tablet (even though I’m very skeptical of anyone who says there’s only one right way to do things), but if the point is to get outside your comfort zone and learn something new, I would say this qualifies.  I’m also not doing the usual Inktober prompts, but the Inktober Monsters one:


So here are my first two monsters!  For the first one, “Witch,” I decided to do some fan art.  I’ve been wanting to draw a Rita Repulsa to go with my Power Rangers for a while.  I didn’t use any references until I got to her staff, so some of her costume details are a bit wrong.


My vampire is a Regency vampire, because I’ve been watching some Jane Austen films lately and I really love the style.  Plus the dignified, polite evil of Austen’s antagonists makes for a great vampire!


That’s all for now, but I hope to get around to Banshee on my day off tomorrow, with an update on Saturday or Sunday!

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