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Sketchbook Sunday!

Three more sketches from the last three days, and then I’ll get back to only uploading sketchbook things on a Sunday.

020218-busterMy cat Buster!  I’ve always thought I was pretty bad at drawing cats, so on Friday I decided to challenge myself.  Pretty happy with this one, although I think I need to make her  eyes a little more round.





020318-witchOn Saturday I had no idea what to draw.  I overslept, then went to a friend’s party and had a fantastic time, then came home to eat dinner, and there was little time in between for drawing!  Still, I’m determined to not make excuses, and managed to get a quick D&D-like character done before bed.  She is very mysterious.  I think she may be a witch.




I am particularly happy with today’s sketch.  On Friday, artist Jonathan Gray tweeted about the emotional support peacock incident:


I laughed so hard when I read that and immediately shared it with my husband, who also loved the idea of “Chicken Bougie,” as he called it.  So last night before bed, he said “You should DRAW Chicken Bougie,” and if I had not been very sleepy, I would have been out of bed with my iPad right away.  But I made a note of it, and today…


“You’ve got a ticket to fly like you’re a human guy, but you’re not a man, Bougie Chicken Boo.”  — Charles EP Murphy

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