Artist Questions #2

2.  What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?

I signed up for DeviantArt ages ago, and more recently made a new account for my freelance work, which is the one I link here. I like DeviantArt because, of all the sites I’ve signed up for, it gives the best sense of community and interaction. I really need to get it more up to date!

I have portfolios at Coroflot and Carbonmade. Both have been pretty much abandoned.  I don’t like Coroflot’s layout and have had no interaction there, so it’s been abandoned.  I like Carbonmade’s look, but there’s no community, and all the job offers I’ve had through that site haven’t been legit.

Most recently I’ve signed up for Instagram. I’m still learning how to use it properly, but I love it so far!

But I think the best art site I’ve signed up for is my own site. It’s nice to have more control over how it looks and how my work is presented, and I really enjoy looking at my stats and seeing how many visitors I’ve had from all over the world. (Please, feel free to say hello!)

On Sunday, I’ll have a new sketchbook post ready, and next week I’ll be looking into my old files to answer question #3:  What is the oldest piece of art you have on hand?

2 thoughts on “Artist Questions #2”

    1. Hello!! I hope you’re having fun at Pismo Beach! It’s a surprisingly sunny day here in London, but I’m guessing it’s even better where you are. 😀 Definitely do the questions, they’re a lot of fun and they give me something to post when I can’t think of anything.


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