Update 10-1-19

As of yesterday, there have been changes made to every section of this site.  Most of them are minor except for the big update to the Portfolio page.  I’ve cleared out all the stuff I didn’t like anymore, deleted the Sketchbook section (it’s getting its own page later), and added a lot more drawings!  None of them are really new except for the latest wrestling merch design, but there are one or two things I haven’t posted before.

Below the cut:  New wrestling merchandise, two older drawings I’ve never posted, an announcement about contracts, and future plans for the site.

candyfloss4This is my latest design for Candy Floss.  She always has such fun ideas for her merchandise!  I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about vector illustration.

witchThis witch illustration is one that I’ve had on my tablet for a long time but never really got around to posting.  She’s part of one of my planned future projects, a fairy tale comic with a witch as the main character.  That project is on hold for now while I work on other things that must be finished first, but someday I’ll get to tell her story!

I had so much fun drawing the folds of her skirt and the tangles in her hair.

The last of the new(ish) drawings is one of my D&D character, Rosa.rosa

Rosa is a half-elf Ranger.  I haven’t had much opportunity to play her yet, but she’s a bit like what you would get if you crossed Strider from Lord of the Rings with a Disney princess.  She’s very cheerful, but very secretive, and would rather try to befriend monsters than immediately try to kill them.  Rosa is an example of the kind of art I could do for individual players who want an illustration of their characters.

Besides Rosa, the Witch, and the latest Candy Floss design, I have also added many of last year’s Mermay drawings.

On other parts of the site, I have mainly just changed the wording a little bit, but there is one important thing on the About page:  as of this month, I will no longer be relying on informal written agreements with clients, and will be providing a contract instead.  It’s something I really should have done a long time ago.  While I prefer the more relaxed written agreements, I unfortunately had a very negative experience with a personal commission last year that could have been avoided if I’d had a contract, and I would very much like to avoid more experiences like that in the future.

There are more changes to come very soon!  I’ve settled on a new look for the pages, I just have to get all the graphics ready for it.  Hopefully it will all be done by this weekend or early next week!

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