Self Portrait 2016

About Vanessa

I am a freelance artist specialising in character design and illustration for tabletop roleplaying games.

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and I’ve been around tabletop games like D&D for as long as I can remember. While I never could get into the gameplay very much, I loved the art, and I used to copy the illustrations from my Dad’s old Monster Manuals.

I did not take freelance illustration seriously as a career (I was much more interested in animation) until I needed to raise money to visit my boyfriend in the UK. What started as a fundraiser has become my full-time job, and I couldn’t be happier! I am looking forward to seeing where my work takes me.

I moved to the UK in October 2015 and I now live in a flat full of books, just outside London with my husband.

Work History

Lead Artist:  Thunderhead Gaming
March 2016-present

Working on a series of projects starting with “Raiders of Pertalo.”  Creating cover art, interior illustrations, and character designs.

Contributing Artist:  Thunderhead Gaming
May 2015

Commissioned to illustrate six black-and-white interior illustrations for the tabletop roleplaying game “The Ruins of Radagga:  A Netherstorm Adventure.”

Contributing Artist:  Fabled Environments
October 2014-November 2014

Commissioned to illustrate a full-colour cover and one black-and-white interior illustration for the roleplaying game “Throwdown at the North Pole,” and a full-colour cover and two black-and-white interior drawings for “Operation Lightning.”

Contributing Artist:  Scaldcrow Games
January 2012

Commissioned to draw four black-and-white interior illustrations for the roleplaying game “Dragonfall.”


Commission Information

Rates:  My rates are variable and flexible. They depend on the level of work and detail that you need, the reach of your project, and the rights that you will require.

Policies:  In all cases except personal commissions (in that case, only with permission), I retain the right to display the finished work on my portfolio websites. Other rights are negotiable.

I will not accept work intended to offend any group of people, nor anything depicting graphic violent or sexual imagery. In the event that I have to turn down a job, I will explain my reasons for doing so.

With the exception of charity work, I will not accept offers of pay in “exposure.” This is my job, and I have to pay taxes and eat, too! (For more information about why artists should not work for exposure, please see my Tumblr tag “#don’t work for exposure.”)

If you would like to use any of my existing illustrations, please send me a message first.  Note that I do not hold the copyrights for certain projects and can not grant permission for those. You can also contact me for any other information, or for a price quote.

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