About Vanessa

I am a freelance artist specialising in character design and illustration for tabletop roleplaying games, though I recently got into designing merchandise for independent British wrestlers, which is so much fun!  I’m always looking for new ways to branch out.

I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, and I’ve been around tabletop games like D&D for as long as I can remember.  I used to get distracted during my family’s games, sketching the characters and scenes.  I loved the art of D&D, and I learned a lot by copying the illustrations from my Dad’s old Monster Manuals.

I did not take freelance illustration seriously as a career (I was much more interested in animation) until I needed to raise money to visit my boyfriend in the UK. What started as a fundraiser has become my full-time job, and what started as a boyfriend is now my husband.  I moved to London in 2015, and I couldn’t be happier!  I look forward to seeing where life and my work take me.

Work History

Contributing Artist:  Tri Tac Games
March 2018

Contributed three character designs to an upcoming game.

Lead Artist:  Thunderhead Gaming
March 2016-2018

Working on a series of projects starting with “Raiders of Pertalo.”  Creating cover art, interior illustrations, and character designs.

Contributing Artist:  Thunderhead Gaming
May 2015

Commissioned to illustrate six black-and-white interior illustrations for the tabletop roleplaying game “The Ruins of Radagga:  A Netherstorm Adventure.”

Contributing Artist:  Fabled Environments
October 2014-November 2014

Commissioned to illustrate a full-colour cover and one black-and-white interior illustration for the roleplaying game “Throwdown at the North Pole,” and a full-colour cover and two black-and-white interior drawings for “Operation Lightning.”

Contributing Artist:  Scaldcrow Games
January 2012

Commissioned to draw four black-and-white interior illustrations for the roleplaying game “Dragonfall.”

Commission Information

Rates:  My rates are variable and flexible. They depend on the level of work and detail that you need, the reach of your project, and the rights that you will require.

Policies:  In all cases except personal commissions (in that case, only with permission), I retain the right to display the finished work on my portfolio websites. Other rights are negotiable.

I will not accept work intended to offend any group of people, nor anything depicting graphic violent or sexual imagery. In the event that I have to turn down a job, I will explain my reasons for doing so.

With the exception of charity work, I will not accept offers of pay in “exposure,” or the promise of future payment if the product sells well.

If you would like to use any of my existing illustrations, please send me a message first.  Note that I do not hold the copyrights for certain projects and can not grant permission for those. You can also contact me for any other information, or for a price quote.

As of January 2019, I will provide a contract for all clients.

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