Sketchbook Sunday

This week, it’s all black and white sketches, some of them unfinished, because I’ve mostly been working to finish a commission.  Two of the sketches are also missing from this week’s update, because I sent them to a client as samples, and they want those specific drawings!  When that particular commission is finished, I’ll include those sketches in that week’s Sketchbook Sunday.

070218-fairyWednesday’s sketch is based on an old painting that I did for my mom.  I don’t have it anymore, it’s still with her back in the US, but I wanted to see how it would look if I redrew it.  It’s a ladybug fairy inspired a bit by Amy Brown’s fairies.  This is one that I may finish later and, as soon as I work out how I want to do this, sell prints of it.




080218-goblinThursday’s sketch is a grumpy little goblin.  He was meant to have clothes but I ran out of time, so he’ll have to have some later.  He’s a bit different compared to the goblin I drew for Thunderhead Games, but I wanted to try something a little different, and I’m happy with his design.  If anyone has any idea for what sort of clothes he should be wearing, let me know!




090218-trollbeerLately I’ve been seeing a lot of art on Tumblr of pretty orc girls, and I think that’s great, I love seeing that art!  But less pretty characters can also be a lot of fun, so I set out to sketch an older troll lady who’s grumpy, not particularly pretty, and the sort of character you might encounter at the bar of a disreputable tavern.  She probably has important information for your quest, which she’ll give you after she finishes her beer and beats you at arm wrestling.  I am very happy with how she turned out, but once again did not have time to finish.  (The tattoo on her arm is meant to be a reference to Gary Gygax.)

100218-dystopiatzpAnd here’s some fan art that did not start as fan art.  The pose came first, and then I thought I would turn it into Ro Rowen from The Zeta Project, but that didn’t quite work out.  I changed her clothes to something a bit more asymmetrical and dystopian, with some elements from The Zeta Project thrown in.  This is the Ro of a darker TZP – but when you think about it, under its bright colours and cute characters, The Zeta Project is already a dystopia.  This is a future where the government sends shapeshifting robots to spy on you, and they’ll kill you even if you’re innocent!  Pretty dark already.



110218-garakAnd here’s today’s sketch!  My husband hadn’t seen much Star Trek before we got married, so I’m introducing him one series at a time.  We’ve finished The Original Series and The Next Generation, and have now moved on to Deep Space Nine.  One of the last episodes we saw was “Past Prologue,” which introduced one of my favourite characters:  plain, simple Garak, who is most definitely not a Cardassian spy.



And that’s all for this week!  Let me know if there are any sketches you’d like to see, and I’ll include them in a future sketchbook post.  I also have plans for semi-regular non-sketchbook blogging, so keep an eye on this page for more updates!

Sketchbook Sunday!

Three more sketches from the last three days, and then I’ll get back to only uploading sketchbook things on a Sunday.

020218-busterMy cat Buster!  I’ve always thought I was pretty bad at drawing cats, so on Friday I decided to challenge myself.  Pretty happy with this one, although I think I need to make her  eyes a little more round.





020318-witchOn Saturday I had no idea what to draw.  I overslept, then went to a friend’s party and had a fantastic time, then came home to eat dinner, and there was little time in between for drawing!  Still, I’m determined to not make excuses, and managed to get a quick D&D-like character done before bed.  She is very mysterious.  I think she may be a witch.




I am particularly happy with today’s sketch.  On Friday, artist Jonathan Gray tweeted about the emotional support peacock incident:


I laughed so hard when I read that and immediately shared it with my husband, who also loved the idea of “Chicken Bougie,” as he called it.  So last night before bed, he said “You should DRAW Chicken Bougie,” and if I had not been very sleepy, I would have been out of bed with my iPad right away.  But I made a note of it, and today…


“You’ve got a ticket to fly like you’re a human guy, but you’re not a man, Bougie Chicken Boo.”  — Charles EP Murphy

Update 2-2-18

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen everything in this update – the only difference is that I get to ramble on a bit more here!

January was a busy month for me, as I was still at my old job for half the month, then got the flu, and then went to Liverpool.  But now I’m back home, feeling much better, and getting things done.  To start with, I cleaned my desk area.  I like a bit of clutter, but when things are too disorganised, it makes it easy to procrastinate.  So, here’s the newly-tidied section of the bedroom where I do all my drawing.


And here’s my cat Buster, “helping.”


I’m currently working to finish a commission quickly, but I’m being a bit of a perfectionist about it.  The client is a new friend, and someone who’s close to my best friend of 15 years, so it’s very important to me that I get it done right.  Today I have finished the last of three character designs, so all that’s left is to make a few modifications.  I’ll post them here when they’re ready.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a few little sketches now and then.  My sister, who is also an artist, challenged herself to do one small drawing every day for a year, and last year she did just that, even under a lot of stress.  I’m very proud of her and very inspired, so I decided to give it a try as well!  Unfortunately, with the mess that January was (and with my own hangups about just leaving things alone and letting them be done!) I only got two sketches done:

Mermaids have always been one of my favourite subjects to draw, ever since my dad taught me to draw them when I was a little girl.  I love every kind of mermaid, from the more human-looking ones to the monsters, and the first picture is meant to be sort of a blending of the two.  She’s an easily bored mermaid who amuses herself by luring ships to crash on the rocks.

The second one is one I’d like to redraw in more detail when I have the time.  My husband picked up a magazine from somewhere that had a painting of an Elizabethan lady on the cover.  I thought that I would like to draw something like that, but of course I would have to make her a monster!  The headdress in the painting became my lady’s horns, and I made up my mind that she would be part-dragon.  I started to give her some wings but I didn’t like how they took focus away from her face, so maybe she’s just shapeshifted into a form that doesn’t have them, or maybe she’s a wingless Dragonborn!

To start this month, I’ve done a sketch based on a story I started just before I moved to the UK, and one that I hope to get back to writing this month.  I used this image by faestock as a reference.


And that’s all for now!  Even though I’ll be drawing something new every day, I’ll probably limit myself to only posting new sketchbook pages once a week.  If you’d like to see them a little more frequently, check me out over on Instagram!

New beginning

I have finally finished my last day of work.  Maybe one day I’ll post about the experiences, good and bad, that I had there, but right now I’m just relieved that it’s over.

Today, I took the day off.  I slept in.  I had a good breakfast, instead of skipping it like I usually do.  I watched some Star Trek with my husband, and I got a bit of cleaning done, especially in my desk area.  Tomorrow, I go back to the work I really love, the work that was going very well before I gave in to the idea that I needed a day job.  Tomorrow, I get back in touch with clients and start catching up on commissions and personal projects.

It’s a bit scary, starting over again, but it’s even more exciting, and it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

No sketchbook post this weekend as I’m rushing to get some commissions done before the holidays, in between working all the time and preparing for Christmas myself.  But I have quite a few personal projects to catch up on after that, so there will be updates soon!

Okay, maybe a very small sketchbook post.  Here is a solemn-looking Santa that might have turned into a holiday card, had the time not gone by too quickly to get it done.


Happy holidays, everyone!


I’ve been away for a while, preparing for and then going on a trip back to America, and then dealing with an ongoing problem.  Fortunately that problem is now resolved, and I have some exciting news!

As of next year, I will be freelancing full time again!  I am so looking forward to getting back to work on character design for games, and also branching out to new and awesome projects.  I’ll even have time to work on my own projects again.  Ever since I made this decision I have been so much happier, and I hope to be more productive than ever next year!

I have so much stuff to post with this update.  I never did get back to my Inktober drawings in all the chaos leading up to and following the US holiday, but I’ve still been busy working with new clients and on individual commissions.

To start, I have obtained permission from Thunderhead Gaming to show some of the previous work I have done for them.  Unfortunately the projects they’re attached to have been delayed, but you can read all about them here as soon as they’re available!  Sorry for the giant, horrible watermarks all over these.  These images are the property of Thunderhead Gaming and are not available for other use.

Here you can see two new covers following “Raiders of Pertalo,” an early version of a Gargoyle, a Harpy, the coloured version of my previous Karitehe design, a Minotaur, and a brand new monster created just for Thunderhead.

I’ve also been having some fun redrawing more of my old art on my new tablet.  On the left is a marker and coloured pencil drawing of the Hindu god Ganesh, drawn for a coworker ages ago.  On the right is the new digital version, redrawn as a favour for a friend.

I have been working with a new client on a few projects, one of which is a series of movie reviews.  While she’s currently having technical difficulties, the first review will be for Ghostbusters.

Macabre Midnights - Ghostbusters

And I have been working on my own projects.  Here’s a small thumbnail of an experiment that I started while travelling.  The full picture is a lot further along than this, and I’m looking forward to sharing it when it’s finished.


Finally, here’s something new for the sketchbook.  I quickly grew to hate that last mermaid sketch I did, so here’s a new one that I hopefully won’t hate quite as quickly!

Mermaid (2017)

That’s all for now!  I’ll be adding these to my portfolio page after work tomorrow, and I should have a lot more to show soon!


I decided to do Inktober this year, and I’m so far behind on it.  In my defence, it’s because I was working on an awesome commission instead!  I’ll post it when I’m able.

At the recommendation of a friend and thanks to my amazing husband, I now have an iPad Pro which I’ve been working with for the past couple of weeks.  I love it!  I announced when I got it that I might never draw on paper again, and it’s true – I’ve tried sketching on paper just once recently, and gave up when I found myself moving my fingers to try to zoom in!

It’s not really in the spirit of Inktober to use a tablet (even though I’m very skeptical of anyone who says there’s only one right way to do things), but if the point is to get outside your comfort zone and learn something new, I would say this qualifies.  I’m also not doing the usual Inktober prompts, but the Inktober Monsters one:


So here are my first two monsters!  For the first one, “Witch,” I decided to do some fan art.  I’ve been wanting to draw a Rita Repulsa to go with my Power Rangers for a while.  I didn’t use any references until I got to her staff, so some of her costume details are a bit wrong.


My vampire is a Regency vampire, because I’ve been watching some Jane Austen films lately and I really love the style.  Plus the dignified, polite evil of Austen’s antagonists makes for a great vampire!


That’s all for now, but I hope to get around to Banshee on my day off tomorrow, with an update on Saturday or Sunday!

Sketchbook Saturday + Announcements

I’m going to try doing a new thing in order to stay active and accountable.  Every Sunday, I’m going to scan and post anything I happen to be working on at the time.  For the first two weeks, this post will be made on Saturday instead, because that’s when I’m off work, and there may not be much next week since I’m working most of it, but we’ll see how it goes!

This week’s post will include the first character design sketch for my art book.  I am putting the Ko-fi thing on hold while I sort out some personal stuff.  If you choose to donate, you will still be able to access the work-in-progress page, but it will not be updated as originally planned.

More things on the way:  a monster design I’m having a lot of fun with, and sometime in the future, vector drawings!

(Two older sketches, Sailor Jupiter and Catwoman.  Tell me in the comments which one you’d like to see finished first!)


(The first character drawn for my character art book, a Dwarf Fighter.  A few changes have been made to the final version, which you can see by donating to my Ko-fi page.)


(This sketch came from a drink and draw event.  The theme was “midnight revenge,” and this is what my kitten Buster seems to be doing at midnight every night.  Revenge for not playing with her enough during the day, I guess!)


(A finished pencil drawing commission of the client’s Pathfinder character.  The robot was quite difficult; besides Zeta Project fan art, I don’t draw many robots!)

Recently I mentioned a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  Progress on it has been a bit slow, but it’s finally starting to move forward.

I am working on a PDF collection of all-female characters for D&D-type RPG settings.  It will provide at least 20 characters with backstories and basic stats, with the characters having obvious personalities, diverse appearances, and practical armour – absolutely no chain mail bikinis!

I’ll have more on the ideas behind the project and my reasons for working on it later, but for right now I’m happy to say that a work-in-progress look at the first character is now available to Ko-fi donors!  By clicking the “buy me a coffee” button to the right, you can donate £3 and get access to a private page showing my progress.  Just be sure to either sign up with Ko-fi or provide your email in a private message in order to get the link and password!

The current donor page shows progress on my Dwarf Barbarian, and includes the original sketch, the finished line art, and the flat colours.  Later I will post the early versions that didn’t work out so well, and I will continue to update as I colour the image.  Around this time next month, I will move on to the next character, and the password will change for new donors.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the donors page, please send me a message via my Contact page.  I am very excited about this project and I hope everyone else likes it as well!  🙂