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Keeping Busy

Hello!  My name is Vanessa Ellis.  I’m a freelance illustrator from the US, now living in London after getting married.  I’m not allowed to work right now (hopefully this will change by the end of the month), but I have so many personal projects to keep me busy while I wait.  Here’s a bit of what I’m working on right now:

  • Sketch Dailies:  This Twitter account gives a new drawing prompt every day.  I have fallen behind due to preparations for the next stage of my visa and other projects, but this has been getting me back into the habit of drawing every day.
  • Fan Art:  Before I moved, I had started on a series of drawings of awesome female characters from my childood, and now I’m getting back to that.  Currently I’m working on a drawing of Lt. Uhura from Star Trek to add to this collection!
  • Collaborations with my husband:  We’re working together on a fan comic for one of our favourite cartoons, the tragically short-lived Batman Beyond spinoff The Zeta Project.

There’s more to come.  In fact, I’m getting ready to sign off and get back to work on a few things.  Keep an eye on this blog for more updates!